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Sundays at a glance
A typical Sunday morning worship service at Wilmot Centre includes dynamic modern worship, prayer and other church community events, and a message from one of our pastors or a guest speaker. After the service there is always coffee, cookies and other refreshments. Don't feel like you need to rush away just because the service is done, this relational time is integral to the life of our church.

What time is your Sunday Worship service?
Childcare is provided.  Wilmot Kids Church starts at the beginning of service so be sure to arrive early to check in your child(ren) downstairs before attending the worship service upstairs.

Where are you located?
We are located at the corner of Bleams Rd & Sandhills Rd. in Wilmot Centre, about 7 km west of Kitchener.

Are there kids programs?
Absolutely!! We have programs for kids up to grade 6 in our service. Children get checked in downstairs before the worship service. Click here for more info about Wilmot Kids.

What should I wear?
Our desire is to provide a comfortable and casual atmosphere, therefore people dress accordingly.

For additional information please email the church office or call us! P. 519-634-8687